I have dealt with Electron Microscopy since 1993. At the time when I just became a student, two things had happened practically simultaneously and determined my choice. Once, I spent all my money (including both salary and scholarship) for "The Molecular Biology of the Cell", and second one - I happened on practically forgotten job offer from Electron Microscopy department at the faculty bulletin board. I was really enchanted by the fine ordered structures of nanoworld in living systems. Therefore I had been spending enormous time (including days, nights and weekends) with an ancient Soviet electron microscope in the old biophysical building of Nizhny Novgorod Medical Academy. The very first my research work I began with the analysis of alveolar epithelial cells and neuroepithelial brush cells. So I have been working on Neuroscience and ultrastructural research field for more than fifteen years.

At present I use both standard TEM and serial sectioning techniques and scanning light microscopy to study CNS neurons and other cells. My interests concern thought-out analysis of synapse structure with computer 3D reconstruction of cell organelles and synaptic specializations followed by detailed statistical analysis. My recent works include the looking-for structural correlates of short and long-term synaptic plasticity under different functional activity level in the brain.

My scientific interests also related to ultrastructural features of synaptic receptor trafficking, synaptic clustered plasticity and structure of perisynaptic astroglia directly engaged in neurotransmission, and also to some aspects of degenerative changes such as in Alzheimer’s disease and the like (see main menu Projects and Publication pages for further details).

Curriculum vitae

Full Name:Vadim Valerievich Rogachevsky
2008Senior research fellow, Institute of Cell Biophysics, RAS, Russia
1999-2007 Research fellow, ICB RAS, Russia
1997-1998 Junior scientist, ICB RAS, Russia
Practice and traning
2001, 2003, 2005Visiting research assistant, Department of Biological Sciences at the Open University (Milton Keynes, UK), headed by Professor in Neuroscience Dr. Michael G. Stewart
1997-2007Electron Microscopy suite, Institute of Cell Biophysics, RAS
1993-1997Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Electron Microscope section of
Central Research Laboratory headed by Prof. Dr.sci. Irina V. Mukhina
Education and Ph.D.
2009Professorial courses. Moscow Institute of development of additional vocational traning. Pushchino branch.  
2007Ph.D. thesis (Structural correlates of L-LTP in the rat hippocampus, Biophysics)  
1999-2002Ph.D. Student, Institute of Cell Biophysics, The Russian Academy of Sciences
1997-1999Pushchino State University, Cell Biology Center (Analytical cytology), Russia,
Degree - M.Sc. (advisor: Victor I. Popov, Dr.Sc.)  
1992-1997Biological Faculty evening course (Human and Animal Physiology and Biochemistry)
Nizhny Novgorod (former Gorky) State University, Russia,
Degree - B.Sc.  
1989-1991Soviet army, sergeant school, commander of a truck driver squad
1988-1989Мechanical technician assistant
1981-1988Secondary school

Here you can download abstract of my Ph.D. thesis        (pdf    4Mb, Rus)
abstract of my Ph.D. thesis        (pdf   ...Mb, Eng, expected)
my Ph.D. thesis        (pdf  15Mb, Rus)
my M.D. thesis        (pdf    8Mb, Rus)
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